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Layout: location of the shower towels

LOCKER ROOMS VARY IN SETUP from club to club and one noticable difference is the location of the shower towels. Rather than the members and guests be inconvenienced by having to walk to the shower area to get a towel, it would be easier if the towels were located close to the lockers. The same holds true when disposing of used towels. Towel drops should be located near the lockers as well, although not every person will use them.

I HAVE ALSO NOTICED that some clubs fold the towels and others roll the towels?  Do you have a preference? My first impression when seeing the shower towels rolled was that I thought it was unique. However, I prefer folded because more can be stacked on the shelfs and it takes less time to do. Also, as Todd Dufek pointed out, “If clubs have logos on their towels then they would have to be stacked or the logo would not be visible.”

locker_towels_with_drop_hole towels_locker_aisle
BGCC-towel-cube04 Arete-towel-return-cabinet02
cove towel unit
corner towel shelf and drop
towels in cove towels in locker
towels by grooming station
custom shelfs for shower towels
towels on shelfs02

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