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Amenities: shoehorns

PLACING A SHOEHORN on each bench in the locker room anticipates a need.  Giving one to each guest is a nice souvenir reminder of a good time. The pro shop can also include one when a member or guest buys a pair of shoes.  At The Greenbrier, my coworkers and I put one in each pair of street and golf shoes when guests checked out from the locker room.

SHOEHORNS ARE AVAILABLE in plastic, wood, metal or a combination of each. Based on practical experience, Crystal Tex makes the best 7” plastic shoehorn which can include the club’s logo, too!  If you prefer all wood I suggest  the one from B & W Import and Export, which was in the guest room closet at the Four Seasons Chicago.
ANOTHER IMPRESSIVE PRODUCT is from Long Handle Shoe Horn, which I first saw at Conway Farms Golf Club (IL) and later at Butler National Golf Club (IL).  My one main concern is that they might “disappear” but the locker fee and guest greens fee should make up for such. These shoehorns would also make a nice gift by being avaiable for purchase in the pro shop.


Crystal Tex Shoehorns



15” wooden shoehorns

long-handle-shoehorn Conway-Farms-logo-shoehorn


19” custom hardwood handle shoehorn



19”, 25” and 31” in 5 hardwood choices
cherry, mahogany, maple, oak and walnut

available from
Long Handle Shoe Horn

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