Pro Tour Locker Room
Checklist + PowerPoint Show
“Based on experience from 53 tournaments worked.”

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51 PGA Tour Events
+ 2016 U.S. Senior Open
+ 2015 Senior PGA
Barbasol Championship: 2018 -‘19, ‘21 - ‘23
A Military Tribute at The Greenbrier:
2018 - 2019
Dominion Energy Charity Classic: 2017
U.S. Senior Open: 2016
Senior PGA Championship: 2015
Quicken Loans National: 2014 - 2016
AT&T National: 2007 - 2013
BMW Championship: 2007 - 2013
The Greenbrier Classic: 2010 - 2011
Western Open: 1979 - ‘85, ’89, ‘91 - ‘06


PowerPoint Show




Clubgloves labeled with each pro’s name during the 2010 AT&T National.



__ Locker room staff of 4 to 6 with at least one or two having experience with pro tour events; honest, hardworking and cooperative. First shift should start a minimum of two hours before first tee time and sometimes two and a half hours prior. 
__ Enough full size single tall lockers (preferably two for each pro) unless double wide; or two double stack lockers for each pro (preferably top) tall enough to fit a driver.  Players can be asked to sign the inside of their locker with a Sharpie pen as a “thank you” courtesy to the member or club.
__ Members need to be given notice to please clean out their lockers by a certain date and time.  Staff should not do so until after the designated date and time. Nothing belonging to the members should be discarded even if appears to be trash. Items can be placed in large plastic bags with # of corresponding locker and stored where possible.
__ List of players in the field plus alternates. (dozen copies)
__ Custom engraved locker name plates. Defending champion and past champions can also have year of victory engraved.  In some situations members’ plates can be removed and replaced with same size plates of a different color (gold engraved name on black metal plate) with pro’s name; such as was done at Conway Farms Golf Club for the 2013 BMW Championship.  Or pro plates can be placed above/below name of member and kept on after tournament as memorabilia.
__ Pros are arranged alphabetically in U shaped sequence in locker coves so it is easy to see who is the first one, last one and in-between in each cove.
__ Daily tee times list. (dozen copies)
__ Area for player registration close to locker room.  Greeters can walk players to locker room entrance and introduce to staff.  Helps with name recognition.  Should host club or sponsor want autographed field list posters to frame, signed golf bag to display or other specific items this would be an appropriate time to request.
__ Area for player services.
__ Large bulletin board and push pins in good location or can use scotch tape to post information on the side of the lockers facing main aisle.
__ Area to store Clubgloves for quick retrieval. Need large masking tape to tag each Clubglove with pro’s name using a bold tip Sharpie pen.
__ Secure bag storage room.
__ Package receiving and shipping coordinated secure system (all tracking numbers recorded and name of person signed for list).  Need phone number of individual in charge of delivering packages to locker room. Needs to be same person in charge for entire tournament.
__ Area in locker room for reps’ packages.
__ Separate area in locker room for Titleist.
__ Empty boxes to ship clubs, packing tape, box cutter, hand truck, UPS and FedEx forms (international, too).
__ Previous events in years past used to have an area for courtesy phones with note pads and pens/pencils for the pros. However, cell phones have made courtesy phones unnecessary.
__ Phone # list of tournament offices.
__ Wireless internet work station table and chairs containing two computers, a printer/fax machine, pens, pencils and notepads.
__ Laptop to keep up with leaderboard and who is finished with their round.
__ Area for PGA Tour travel coordinator, Eric HilCoff. (player dining or locker room lounge)
__ Area for Shot Link.
__ Table for golf bag towels, tees, candy, gum, miscellaneous items and player requested autographs on flags and golf bags.
__ Towels for players’ bags.
__ Area for personal fitness trainers. Depending upon space available the women’s locker room has been used which offers privacy and a quiet location.
__ Area for massage therapists. (complimentary service provided by club if so desired)
__ Fitness Center hours posted.
__ It would be good to have a full time housekeeper in the pros’ locker room to continually take out trash and maintain cleanliness of the bathroom and shower area. Restrooms need to be cleaned and stocked the night before, after the morning tee times and after the afternoon tee times.
__ Floor mat in restroom area to prevent falling on tile floor with steel spikes.
__ Lockable locker room with knowledge of who has the keys and how many sets. Attendants should be first ones in and last ones out.  New locks should be considered.
__ Lock each locker at night and even throughout the day on Monday thru Wednesday.
__ Locker key for each attendant.
__ 24 hour security.
__ Security cameras.
__ Access very limited with photo IDs.
__ Extra large double glass door cooler for bottled water, soft drinks and sport drinks with a box of plastic shoe bags next to it. It should be completely stocked each night and throughout the day as needed.  Overstock should be kept chilled if possible. Need coordinated product delivery system for efficiency such as text messaging to product delivery person.
__ Player family dining with flat screens.
__ Player only dining with flat screens. Breakfast hours should extend until all pros arrive and dinner buffet/chef carving station should remain open until all pros finish playing and return to locker room giving them a chance to dine.
__ Flat screens in locker room.  (optional)
__ Daily local newspapers.
__ In case of a rain-delay/rain-out a clothes dryer in the shoe room area would be a help. A walk-in shoe drying closet will also work by hanging the wet items from the players on hangers near the circulating fan.
__ The
QuikDry heated dryng cabinet with circulating fan, made by Cres Cor Sport and sold by Duffy’s Tri-C Club Supply and Fore Supply, is extemely useful for when needing to dry shoes, hats, gloves, etc....
__ Barber service.
__ Softspikes and Champ reps supply their spikes but good idea to double check.
__ Extra socks in case needed.
__ Extra umbrellas in case needed.
__ Dry cleaning and laundry service with hours posted in plain view.  Same day service not recommended except for special circumstances.  Need large size plastic bags or vinyl laundry bags with drawstring and place to write player’s name with a Sharpie pen. Also need extendable clothes bars for transport vehicle which can be provided by Transportation (unless picked up and delivered by dry cleaners), field list for dry cleaners and portable clothing rack on wheels for returning items to locker room. 
French Lick Resort handled all dry cleaning and laundry through each player’s room and returned all items back to the room.) Pros say dry cleaning and laundry service on tour is about 50/50 complimentary or have to pay. Recommended that you get receipt for each item you give to the dry cleaning/laundry service to assure accountability for pros’ clothing but this is not always the case if dry cleaners picks up and delivers.  You can also keep your own list of those players who dropped off dry cleaning and/or laundry (day/name/am/pm) and also record when returned.  Dry cleaners can provide vinyl bags or tournament can provide them with logo. Prices can and should be negotiated at less than normal everyday prices because of the volume rather than marked up by the business.
__ When offering locker room service for pro-am participants; need a separate locker area such as the women’s locker room (if no women amateurs or if not going to use) for the men amateurs with individual lockers (if enough) arranged alphabetically or each group in one locker if necessary (assures trust factor). A simple efficient way is to alphabetize with playing pro’s name only. Should amateurs have use of pros’ locker room they should never share a locker with a pro and be located as far apart from pros’ lockers as possible. Amateur plates can be card stock, engraved plastic or metal with the tournament logo.  A full set of men’s amenities will be needed in the women’s locker room if the men use this space. Bellerive Country Club has an ideal setup for a pro-am with lower and upper locker rooms and a view from the upper to the lower (opening in floor with guard rail); both featuring separate restroom, shower and shoeroom facilities.
__ Rain delay room.
__ Lockers need to made available the entire week for the executives of the company hosting the tour event.  Souvenir engraved name plates show service and class.
__ Extra BAND-AID bandages, various size athletic tape, aspirin, ibuprofen, sunscreen, Pepto-Bismol, Rolaids, ChapStick, OTC allergy medication, Benadryl (ITCH RELIEF AND ALLERGY), eye drops, etc.... Important to ask Tour Official if OK to give out meds.
__ Doctor on call.
__ Locker room staff needs doctor’s cell phone number.
__ Program with photograph of each participating pro to aid staff members in identifying the pros.
__ A GPS can come in handy when doing errands. Transportation can be politely requested by the locker room staff to use a courtesy car for errands.
__ Bottle of Champagne presented to tournament champion by locker room staff.  This is the best time to request a keepsake group photo with the champion and any autographs.


Ralph Johnson and Troy Merritt

Troy Merritt accepts congratulations from Ralph Johnson
(LRM -
Robert Trent Jones Golf Club).




Tom Junious (LRM - Aronimink Golf Club) congratulates Justin Rose.



Justin Rose memorabilia from the 2010 AT&T National.



Custom name plates with personalized details add a touch of class.



     Member plate replaced with black plate (gold lettering) for each pro who is given two lockers.



Beverage cooler for pros.


Player only dining.



Posted dry cleaning schedule.



A portable rack for pros’ dry cleaning and laundry is useful.



     Vinyl laundry bags with space for player’s name or with an attached name tag is better than plastic shoe bags for soiled clothes.


Chicago Policeman Jimmy Bailey

Proper security is necessary!

     Jim has worked the entrance to the pros’ locker room area during the BMW Championship event. He recognizes the pros and has the professional experience and courtesy to not allow individuals without proper credentials to enter. 




Coordinated Package Receiving and Delivery System

     The following forms were devised by Randy Grottke (703-629-6343) who is the package delivery coordinator for the Quicken Loans National. Each incoming package is numbered daily and matches number written on the line next to each F and U; for reference purposes. The # is the tracking number. The same goes for USPS.  The forms for packages being shipped say OUTGOING.
     Packages start to arrive a week before the tournament.  Randy recommends that one secure place be chosen (lockable room or a pod) to store all the packages until they are delivered to the locker room or rep trailers as this will eliminate misplacing of packages and confusion.
     The forms below are for the person in charge. Include cell phone # of person who signed for.