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Amenities: QuikDryTM shoe drying cabinet

CORRECT POLISHING of shoes requires that any dust or dirt has to be first removed with a damp towel or the shoes washed, which means then they have to be dry before polish can be applied and buffed.

THE QUIKDRYTM shoe drying cabinet eliminates using a blowdryer, fan, putting the shoes in the sauna or outside in the sun. For shoes soaking wet, stuffing them with newspapers and then putting them on top of the lockers to air dry is no longer necessary.

AVAILABLE from Duffy’s and Fore Supply, it is a product of Cres Cor Sport.

USED EXTENSIVELY each day of the Barbasol Championship, I highly recommend each shoe shine room have at least one; as it is also very useful for drying hats, gloves, socks and even for warming shoes before the members and guests go out on cold days. Wow!

two QD4P Barbasol Championship

2022 Barbasol Championship - Keene Trace Golf Club (KY)

Bob O Link
Calusa_Pines copy

     “Our locker room staff uses the Cres Cor Sport QuikDry shoe dryer everyday. Whether it’s utilizing the fast drying of mesh type new-age golf shoes that are hard to clean without getting damp, or deodorizing a sweaty old pair of leather saddle spiked shoes. This machine provides peace of mind to deliver clean and dry shoes every time.  I cannot imagine running a professional locker room without the Cres Cor Sport QuikDry shoe dryer.”


Adam Ulibarri, LRM
Calusa Pine Golf Club
Naples, FL

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