Layout Features Checklist (125+ ideas)
Think of a locker room that impressed you the most.”

     Budget constraints and space limitations are a major factor in making improvements.


Barber Shop at Encanterra CC.


JB initials on locker knob

     An incredible first impression of seeing the first and last initials of each member engraved on the knob of their locker.

Idea shared by Jerry Hansen, LRM
TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm




The-Bridges-3 The-Bridges-2

Men’s Locker Room at The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe (CA)

___ Ask for ideas from your staff, respect their suggestions and implement if reasonable.
___ Photos of locker room manager and assistants near locker room entrance or by shoe room.
___ On 1st floor with entrances from the parking lot and the main lobby.
___ Be part of the normal traffic flow from the parking lot, grill room, pro shop and golf course.
___ Back-to-back men’s and women’s locker rooms with shared shoe shine room.
___ Open airy feeling with high ceiling, skylights and ceiling fans.
___ Recessed canister lighting in ceiling with dimmers.
___ Tinted windows throughout for visibility, privacy and fresh air.
___ Plaid carpet to make smaller spaces appear larger.
___ Speakers in ceiling with a sound system for playing CDs, local radio, local sports and PA.
___ Visible shoe shine room with a greeter counter, sink and a shoe drying closet/cabinet.
___ Fluorescent lighting in work area and under shelfs above counters in shoe shine room.
___ Shoe shine room work counters made of rubber or marble for ease of cleaning.
___ No blind spots to avoid collisions.
___ Direct access to the golf course and the pro shop.
___ Ice water plus club cleaning towels located in hallway to service both men and women.
___ Covered golf bag drop and pickup area.
___ Conveniently located custodial closet with sink, mop bucket drain area and storage.
___ Disposal cans conveniently located in locker room and locker coves.
___ Display cases.
___ Full tall vented wooden lockers with top and bottom airflow.
___ Full tall extra wide vented wooden lockers with top and bottom airflow plus English doors.
___ Lockers next to a wall open toward the wall.
___ 90 degree corner lockers open towards the corner.
___ 6 inches from bottom of locker door to carpet to allow door to open without hitting shoes.
___ Clothes bar and hooks in each full locker. Hooks should not block clothes bar.
___ Lock box or optional safe in each full locker.
___ Key open or pass code open.
___ Extra wide lockers have removable and adjustable shelves.
___ Flat locker tops for additional storage (no decorative molding).
___ Reflective lighting on top of lockers with room for shoe storage.
Locker shortage solutions include:
       ___ 1/3 over 2/3 size lockers plus community closet. 
       ___ Triple stack 1/3 size lockers with community closet.
       ___ Day only lockers 4 or 5 or 6 stack with community closet.
       ___ Shoe cubbie locker.
___ Benches with underneath shoe storage.
___ Board of Directors locker cove.
___ Founders locker cove.
___ Separate locker cove near the shoe room for guests and private outings.
___ Flat screen TV in each locker cove or located throughout locker room.
___ Height conscious lockers for the ladies plus a large tall closet for dresses and formal gowns.
___ Locker Suites
___ Custom name plates for members.
___ First and last initial of each member engraved on the knob of their locker.
___ Engraving machine for custom souvenir name plates/luggage tags for guests.
___ Community closets.
___ Private and accessible phone booth.
___ House phones with writing area, phone books and list of frequently called numbers.
___ Host professional tournament.
___ Private showers with private drying areas.
___ Full thick spray fixed showerheads.
___ Optional hand held sprayers.
___ Overhead deluge rain showerheads.
___ Accessible shower.
Swiss Shower (18 heads with approximately 100 gallons per minute total water flow).
___ Corner shelf in each shower for wash cloth and bar of soap.
___ Leg shaving shelf in women’s showers.
___ Recessed amenity shelf conveniently located in both the shower and the drying areas.
___ Heated floor in drying area which also contains a bench.
___ Quiet exhaust vents in each shower/drying area.
___ Custom logo pump bottles for body wash, shampoo and conditioner.
___ Drain located in front away from feet.
___ Frosted glass shower doors with club logo.
___ Heated shower towels.
___ Men and women both have a steam room, sauna and an extra large deep whirlpool.
___ Large glass door refrigerator by the steam/sauna/whirlpool for chilled towels.
___ Deep soaking mineral bath in sound proof private room.
___ Massage room(s) for treatments and facials with access for both men and women.
___ Pedicure station.
___ Barber shop.
___ Ladies hair and manicure salon.
___ Separate grooming sink area for each shower in addition to separate sinks for bathrooms.
___ Chilled and hot damp face towels.
___ Mirrored lighted grooming stations.
___ Baby changing station.
___ Hot lather machines.
___ Handicapped access shower.
___ Combination handicapped shower, sink, water closet and dressing area.
___ Conveniently located towel shelfs and towel drops into cart on wheels.
___ Laundry shoots so soiled towels can drop into a laundry cart on wheels in basement below.
___ Heated terry cloth robes with permanently attached belts.
___ Separate bathroom and shower area for guests.
___ Small flat screens located behind mirrors.
___ Shower Suites
___ Men’s grille room/lounge/card room with large flat screens next to a shared kitchen.
___ Outside covered and screened patio or balcony.
___ Meeting room.
___ Cigar room (roof top with balcony).
___ Men’s and women’s fitness rooms.
___ Refreshment center in spa area.
___ Massage room can double as a “quiet room” if no “designated driver” is available.
___ Business center with complimentary internet access and work desks.
___ Game room with pool table, darts, pinball machines, board games, etc....
___ Hole-in-one club.
___ Fireplace.
___ Easy access house phones.
___ Wireless internet throughout entire clubhouse area (inside and outside).
___ Pictures of golf holes including aerials.
___ Pictures of Board of Directors.
___ Sitting area with coffee, hot tea, fresh fruit,
doughnuts, magazines and newspapers.
___ Dry cleaning and clothes pressing service.
___ Street and golf shoe repair service.
___ Loaner golf shoes.
___ Loaner shirts.
___ Automobile detail service.
___ Security safe.
___ Water closets and urinals located for privacy with convenience.
___ Automatic light and fan when door opens.
___ Door latches with “Occupied” and “Unoccupied” sign inserts.
___ Separate sink area for each water closet.
___ Handicapped access water closet with private sink and amenities.
___ Window in each water closet with quiet exhaust fan and/or windows in bathrooms.
___ Automatic air fresheners and automatic flush.
___ Magazine/newspaper holder, hooks and foot operated trash can in each water closet.

Additional ideas for Country Clubs, Golf Clubs and Resorts:
___ Defibrillator, CPR and first aid training for staff.
___ Wellness center with gymnasium, indoor pool and indoor track.
___ Outdoor basketball court.
___ Outdoor pool.
___ Outdoor sand pit volleyball, horseshoes, bean bag toss, shuffle board and croquet.
___ Event lawn.
___ Covered patios/terraces.
___ Indoor and outdoor tennis membership.
___ Bowling alley.
___ Spa.
___ Family theater.
___ Ice cream parlor.
___ Ballroom.
___ Library.
___ Formal dining room.
___ Private dining room.
___ Board of Directors meeting room.
___ Chophouse restaurant featuring steaks, ribs, porkchops and fish.
___ Ethnic food theme nights (Chinese, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Mexican and Polish).
___ Hiking trail, biking trail and cross country skiing around perimeter of golf course.
___ Outdoor ice skating.
___ Amusement park.
___ Water park.
___ Hotel rooms for guests and members.
___ Clubhouse with covered double driveway and covered bagdrop.
___ Valet parking.
___ Vehicle detailing service.