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Bruce’s TIP OF THE WEEK #92
Staff Training:  Exceptional Service excerpt

IT HAS BEEN SAID that experience is the best teacher, that it’s never too late to learn something new, that we can learn from our mistakes or from those of someone else. This TIP OF THE WEEK showcases a new resource available from the President of the Locker Room Managers Association: THE SECRET TO EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE IN YOUR LOCKER ROOMS.  I recommend it for both the seasoned locker room manager or for the inexperienced new hire.  The following features case study #1 of 100. For more information on how to obtain a copy, contact Todd Dufek

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1. CASE STUDY: a member, Mr. Mense, drops by the shoe room with a dark brown pair of Sperry Topsiders with a dull finish with sole edges that were white, but are now more of a dirty cream color. Some of the dark brown threads that hold the shoes together on the top are fuzzy. The leather insole in the right shoe slides around as it has come loose from the bottom inside of the shoe.

AVERAGE SERVICE: the attendant puts a neutral polish on the uppers, lets it dry and buffs it out on the electric buffer. Or saddle soaps the uppers, drys them, applies dark brown polish and buffs.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE: the manager cleans the shoes with saddle soap, wipes them dry, then applies a thin coat of Mr. Leather, lets it dry for a few minutes, then buffs it out to a glossy shine on the electric buffer. He takes a suede brush with metal bristles along with saddle soap, scrubs down the sole edges and wipes them off so they look brand new. He then goes over them with Kelly’s Dry Cleaning Fluid to clean away any remaining dirt.

TAKING IT UP A NOTCH: the attendant does everything described above and trims the fuzz away from the threads in question with a pair of scissors. He uses Barge Cement to glue down the insole.