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Bruce’s TIP OF THE WEEK #61
Amenities: hot lather machines

HOT lather machines are not something commonly seen when I have first visited a club.  One thing I have learned, though, is that they have mixed reviews.

MANY barber shops have the Campbell’s Lather King machine.  While I did not think the lather was thick enough or hot enough; I remember a guest at The Greenbrier Spa bragging about it and the inital response from members at Briar’s Creek was they really liked it, as I ordered two machines for them when doing their first supply order.

SOME years ago, when consulting at Kirkland Country Club, I recommended the type where the Gillette or Barbasol can is placed inside and with a push of a button the lather heats. However, it automatically shut off when not in use. While I thought it would be a nice amenity to have the locker room manager said that it took more time to heat than the members anticipated, so it was taken off the counter. For use at home I think it would be fine.

THE hot lather machine I currently recommend is from Wahl. The liquid lather is pre-mixed and has a nice scent.  The machine’s temperature is pre-set. Once turned on and warmed it remains heated throughout the day until turning it off at night.  I find the lather to be the right temperature and plenty thick.  But then again, individual preferences vary.

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Wahl hot lather
hot lather cap type
hot lather machine CLK05