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Bruce’s TIP OF THE WEEK #48
Staff Training: fixing spinning soft spikes

     Usually because of the age of the golf shoes one or more of the soft spikes will start to spin in the sole. This is caused by the glue not holding the receptacle in place anymore.  Fixing them is easier than one might think. Simply follow the directions below.
     It is also a good idea when replacing spikes to save some of the better used ones in a plastic container. There is a good chance they will be needed as a match when fixing spinning soft spikes; or as replacements when a shoe is missing a spike and a new set is not necessary or the specific type of spike is not available anymore.

pliers golf spike wrench

1. Using pliers grasp spinning spike and remove spike from sole with the receptacle still attached.  It is usally green.
2. Hold receptacle with pliers and twist out the old spike with a spike wrench.
3. Clean out cavity in shoe and remove old glue from receptacle. A paper clip can be used to clean out each little hole in the receptacle.
4. Holding receptacle with pliers put in a new spike with spike wrench.
5. Add a few drops of glue in shoe cavity.
6. Using spike wrench install the new spike, which is already in the receptacle, in the shoe cavity making sure it is level in the sole.
7. Glue will set within a minute.

plastic storage container



     Tood Dufek, President of the Locker Room Managers Association, offers the following comp video showing how to replace a spinnng spike without removing the receptable from the sole.