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Bruceís TIP OF THE WEEK #30
Layout: custom floor plans

     The following five floor plans are based on four clubs I have worked at, yet expanded by combining other site visits with imagination.
     As mentioned in previous TIP OF THE WEEK emails it is very important that the person designing or redesigning the locker room actually have golf locker room attendant experience. It should not just be some standard blueprint pulled out of a file with a ďcopy and pasteĒ type of presentation.  Let the locker room employees be involved. It is good for morale and eliminates hurt feelings and discouragement.
     While I like the expansiveness of locker rooms in older clubs, it is possible to still have a terrific layout when space is not at a premium.  



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     FLOOR PLAN #1 allows for direct access to the Menís Locker Room from either the parking lot or main lobby. The Womenís Locker Room is the same floor plan but located on the second floor through a pass coded electronic door for safety and security.  More lockers can easily be added by expanding on the size of the locker room.



     FLOOR PLAN #2 is based on an existing clubhouse where direct access from the parking lot is not available and where the locker room is located mostly within the clubhouse inner walls.



     FLOOR PLAN #3 is unique in that the menís and womenís shoe rooms are connected yet divided for privacy. There is also an overflow locker space capability by simply moving the center wall to the opening on either side. Both locker rooms are a mirror image of each other. This floor plan allows for direct access from the parking lot or can be located off the main lobby area.



     FLOOR PLAN #4 has the bathroom and spa centered by the main aisle.  The shoe room, coffee counter, guest locker cove, private phone booths along with a menís grill room/lounge can be added after determining where to locate the main and secondary entrances; preferably off the parking lot, pro shop and/or main lobby. For optimum use the locker room needs to be part of the main central flow in the clubhouse. Separate emergency exits can be added by having a hall between the Business Center and steam room and between the sauna and Relaxation Area. This will also provide more natural light in the locker room by having a panic bar door with a large window. Please note that the grill room could share a common kitchen to another dining facility on the same level in the clubhouse.



     FLOOR PLAN #5 allows for both direct covered access from the parking lot and inside the clubhouse.  It features the unique Shower SuiteTM experience, five Locker SuitesTM with private parking for two vehicles each, 238 lockers of various sizes (more can be added) including 20 triple size, nice wide aisles and an efficient shoe room layout conveniently located by the main entrance to the locker room. Please note that the Shower SuitesTM can be placed on an outside wall for the optional fresh air window.



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