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Bruce’s TIP OF THE WEEK #27
Service: staff motivation

     Motivating the staff takes more than just a good paycheck.  It takes an employee with the right attitude. They cannot have a “chip on their shoulder” and must enjoy waiting on people desiring to make each experience pleasant, satisfying and one that exceeds expectations whenever possible.
     Based on 20 years of locker room experience the way to have seasoned employees rather than seasonal employees is to ask for and implement their ideas, provide a way to make a good living, don’t continally overwork them (or yourself), give perks, and explain what is expected treating everyone fairly.
     The key factor actually is having a manager who stresses that it doesn’t matter who makes the “winning shot” but rather that everyone is on a winning team.
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Staff Motivation



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Honoring key employees is also an honor for the club!

Bruce’s TIP OF THE WEEK Collection


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#9 Amenities: guest welcome gifts

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#21 Amenities: choosing new lockers

#25 Amenities: chilled bath/face towels


#2 Layout: shower towels location

#6 Layout: shoe shine room location

#10 Layout: water closests

#14 Layout:  sink area

#18 Layout: guest locker cove

#22 Layout: grooming stations

#26 Layout: Locker SuiteTM


#3 Service: definition of

#7 Service: don’t make excuses

#11 Service: loaner golf shoes/shirts

#15 Service: pick up and return shoes

#19 Service: guest locker name tags

#23 Service: anticipating needs


#4 Staff Training: mirror finish shine

#8 Staff Training: not sure, don’t do

#12 Staff Training: signed SOP

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