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Bruce’s TIP OF THE WEEK #25
Amenities: chilled bath/face towels

     Stored in a large glass door refrigerator close to the steam and sauna; chilled bath towels exceed expectations and make the locker room experience even more enjoyable and the annual locker fee seem more than fair.
     Damp chilled scented face towels (or wash cloths) are a luxury that is looked forward to during or after the round, when playing tennis or while working out in the fitness center.
     Many clubs advertise the best in amenities. This is one way to actually back up that statement.  Members should get their moneys worth and this is one way to ensure that they do.
     Placing dry or damp towels on ice is not recommended as the ice will stick to the towels and make a mess.  Covering bottled water with ice is also a nuisance unless done so outside.
     Oh, don’t forget a disposal can nearby for cloth and trash.



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large refrig towel refrig
towel scent ice towels on ice

     Can also use some shelf space to store bottled water.

bottle water

Towel Scent

     Not good because the ice will stick to the towels and the bottles will get wet and drip.

logo water


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