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Bruceís TIP OF THE WEEK #19
Service: guest locker name tags

     Good service includes addressing each guest by their name.  Having guest locker name tags not only makes each guest feel extra welcome but it helps the attendants to learn and remember the name of the guest, too.
     The most clever guest locker name tag Iíve seen is at the Inverness Club in Toledo, OH.  It eliminates the need for scotch tape and saves much time because it is dual fold card stock which simply fits over the locker door.
     My favorite souvenir guest locker name tag is used by The Greenbrier.  It is a luggage tag that can be attached with two way tape or hung on on the knob of the locker. Having the name of the club on the reverse side makes it a keepsake reminder of a good time.






Inverness glnt02





Souvenir Luggage Tag
available from
Item #380X

Bruce-Barilla-Greenbrier tag02

     Using two way tape and hanging the name tag slightly over the edge allows for ease of removal to take home.


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