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Bruce’s TIP OF THE WEEK #18
Layout:  guest locker cove

     The reasons for placing guests in a separate locker cove near the shoe shine room are that it is more efficient, allows for faster service by saving time and steps for them and the locker room staff (especially since guests take their golf shoes home) plus it can help with any security issues.
     However, if a member prefers or insists that his or her guests be located near their locker or in their locker then they are to be accomodated; but never placed in another member’s locker without prior permission from them.
     Therefore, It is important to have empty guest lockers throughout the locker room whether full tall, double stack, 1/3 over 2/3 size, multi stack with a community closest or a unique shoe only locker cubbie.






CogHillentrance05 guest-only-cove04

Guest locker cove directly in front of shoe room.


     “Shoe cubbies provide the extra space needed when our guests only have a pair of shoes to store.” Steve Chambliss, LRM, Colleton River Plantation Club


     Each  locker cove at Louisville Country Club (KY) features a separate extra double wide locker which is shared by the guests.


Old-White-Room0502 GCC-day-lockers02

     Triple stack and six stack accomodate numerous guests.  A community closest provides ample space to hang clothes without wrinkling.

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