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Bruce’s TIP OF THE WEEK #17
Amenities: shower liquids

   I recommend having the same scent for shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, bars of soap, lotion and liquid soap. 
     There are a variety of better quality alternatives in distinctive scents available from a number of suppliers including Duffy’s, Essential Amenities, Fore Supply, Gilchrist & Soames and Ready Care. American Crew and Jack Black are popular, too.      Million dollar locker rooms should not have dollar store amenities.  Give the members their moneys worth.
     For detailed information go to: 
shower amenities






Exotic_Coral_gallons Eucalyptus04
AC-3-in 1-33.8 Jack_Black_3_in_102 BeeKind_15.5_pump English_Spa_gallon
Fore pine in soapdish Neutrogena bath soap Hermes-soaps05

Bruce’s TIP OF THE WEEK Collection

#1 Amenities: old vs. new

#2 Layout: shower towels location

#3 Service: definition of

#4 Staff Training: mirror finish shine

#5 Amenities: to Barbicide or not

#6 Layout: shoe shine room location

#7 Service: don’t make excuses

#8 Staff Training: not sure, don’t do

#9 Amenities: guest welcome gifts

#10 Layout: water closests

#11 Service: loaner golf shoes/shirts

#12 Staff Training: signed SOP

#13 Amenities: showerheads

#14 Layout:  sink area

#15 Service: pick up and return shoes

#16 Staff Training:  daily opening/closing

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