Host a Locker Room Seminar
“A fun afternoon of learning, sharing and comparing!”

For Club Managers, Locker Room Managers and Attendants
     Hosted and coordinated by a local CMAA Chapter club.  Local club managers along with their locker room staffs are invited; plus club managers earn education credits. 

   This unique seminar includes:
         1. Presentation of the “For a better locker room!”
TM PowerPoint Show
             with 282 slides containing 8 videos.
         2. Shower and sink amenities/locker room features/supplies/suppliers checklists.
         3. Display table of recommended products.
         4. Sample SOP Agreement.
         5. Questions and answers throughout.
         6. Free samples.
         7. Graph paper for drawing your own layout designs.  
         8. Follow up emails, phone calls/texts by attendees are welcome.

     Additional planning suggestions:
           9. Tour of host club’s locker room.
         10. Showerhead demonstration.
         11. Prizes.
         12. Awards.
         13. Buffet lunch.
         14. Golf.

Honorarium and travel (lodging and round trip mileage*)

50% at .50 cents per mile and 50% at .33 cents per mile.




Tables displaying products.



     “I do not sell any products but only make recommendations;
nor do I receive commissions as this would be a conflict of interest for me.”


Listed in CMAA Speakers Guide