“An investment, not an expense.”

Onsite Locker Room Evaluations with Staff Training
     1.  Covers 32 areas of the locker room.
     2.  Presentation of the
Online Guide and PowerPoint Show (32 areas/358 slides).
     3.  Checklists for:
               sink and shower amenities
               locker room features
               supplies and suppliers
     4.  Ideas and suggestions for improvements.
     5.  Showing of products and recommendations.
     6.  Demonstration of showerheads.
     7.  Arrangement of sink and shower amenities.
     8.  Setup ideas for a more efficient and functional shoe room.
     9.  Ideas drawn and written on photographs of the locker room.
   10. Email report.
   11. Sample SOP agreement.
   12. Follow up emails/phone calls/texts.
         $500.00 for 2 days and 1 night
         $200.00 for each additional day
               + travel (lodging and round trip mileage at .33 cents per mile)

CMAA Chapter Education Meetings
Honorarium + travel (lodging and round trip mileage*)
Custom Floor Plan Drawings
Pro Tour Events

     “I do not sell any products but only make recommendations; nor do I receive commissions as this would be a conflict of interest for me.” Bruce Barilla


Boxes containing items shown during an onsite evaluation.



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