“An investment, not an expense.”

Onsite Locker Room Evaluations with Staff Training
1. Covers 32 areas of the locker room.
2. Presentation of and continual access to the Online Guide and PowerPoint Show.
3. Checklists for:
         sink and shower amenities
         locker room features
         supplies and suppliers
4.   Suggestions for improvements.
5.   Showing of products and recommendations.
6.   Demonstration of showerheads.
7.   Arrangement of sink and shower amenities.
8.   Setup ideas for a more efficient and functional shoe room.
9.   Email report.
10. Ideas drawn and written on photographs of the locker room.
11. Sample SOP agreement.
12. Follow up emails/phone calls/texts.

$  900.00 for 2 days + travel (lodging and round trip mileage*) 
$1250.00 for 3 days + travel (lodging and round trip mileage*)
Each additional day = $250.00

Special offer!
3 area clubs all in one week containing all of the above at each club. Arrive Monday and depart Friday. Minimum 12 hours consulting at each club.
$500.00 per club + shared travel (lodging and round trip mileage*)  

“For a better locker room!”TM Online Guide and PowerPoint Show

Online Guide covers 32 areas including staff training. PowerPoint Show has 304 slides.

$250.00  Includes a $250.00 credit towards an onsite locker room evaluation!
Please send your email address and a check payable to:
Locker Room Consulting, 207 Memorial Avenue, Bluefield, WV 24701
Link will be emailed to you after receiving payment.

Follow-up Visits
$300.00 per day + travel (lodging and round trip mileage*)

Custom Floor Plan Drawings
+/- $500.00

CMAA Chapter Education Meetings Topics
For a better locker room!”TM with Staff Motivation
Honorarium + travel (lodging and round trip mileage*)

Pro Tour Events
Bruce Barilla    304-536-9029    bruce@lrcgolf.com

50% at .50 cents per mile and 50% at .33 cents per mile.


     What I offer the club, architect, interior designer and contractor are practical ideas based on actual locker room attendant work experience relating to member, guest and staff needs and wants. By having a “multitude of counselors” (including the board, members, management and the department staff actually doing the job) the end result will be a better product, more overall satisfaction and minimal complaints.


     “I do not sell any products but only make recommendations;
nor do I receive commissions as this would be a conflict of interest for me.”


Boxes containing items shown during an onsite evaluation.