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Service: admiting mistakes

THIS TIP OF THE WEEK is actually a result of having my car tires balanced.  Before leaving the garage I noticed that two of the lug nut caps were missing.  When I pointed this out to the technician he said that it was common for the caps to get lost [while driving]. When I told him that all the caps were in place when I arrived he just stared at me in silence.  Asking him if I could have them back he said, “If I can find them.”  Moments later he returned the two lug nut caps to me.

I WASN’T UPSET that the caps came off because it has happened before. What bothered me was that he wasn’t going to tell me, perhaps thinking that if I didn’t notice until later I couldn’t put the blame on him.

APPLYING THIS EXPERIENCE to the locker room shoe shine operation it can happen that an expensive pair of shoes be knicked, the wrong type of shoe polish be applied causing a greasy looking mark or a light color shoe to darken, a buckle strap be torn or a golf spike receptacle be stripped by the staff.   Admitting mistakes is an important show of character because character is part of service, too, even if the service wasn’t what it should have been.

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