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Amenities: heated bath towels and robes

OF THE MANY LOCKER ROOMS I have visited, along with staying at a few luxury hotels, I have never been to one that features heated bath towels other than The Inn at the League in Philadelphia and Kenwood Country Club in Cincinnati.

HEATED BATH TOWELS AND ROBES provide a warm soothing feeling after a shower and contribute significantly to the “Wow!” factor. A clothes bar can be added inside at the top of a full length glass door warming cabinet so that robes of various sizes can be hung separately on hangers.

MANY CLUBS CLAIM to have the best in locker room amenities. This is another way to actually back up that statement. Some units are available with legs rather than wheels if so desired. Custom graphics are also possible. Placing it in an alcove makes for a custom fitted look.

Cres Cor Sport towel warmer




Multi-purposed from a food warmer to a towel warmer.


blanket warmer

A hospital blanket warmer can also warm bath towels and robes.



Robes are available from:
Boca Terry
Fore Supply
Textile Management Service
Universal Companies

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