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Amenities: using matching brands

HAVING VISITED well over 100 locker rooms I’ve noticed that amenity brands are often intermixed instead of using matching brands for the same product line as seen in the example below featuring Tresemme and Clubman hair styling products.  American Crew and Jack Black are other considerations.  However, it is understandable when members want specific items.

COMPANIES such as Essential Amenities and Gilchrist & Soames offer matching scents for body wash, shampoo, conditioner, bars of soap, hand soap and lotion. Ready Care also has matching scents along with Duffy’s and Fore Supply.

PAYING ATTENTION to the details makes a noticable difference not only with amenities but also with layout, service and staff training.  After all, the members are paying attention, too!

Tresemme collection


Gillette Foamy Gillette gel02 Gillette Sensor 2 Gillette gel
Gilette Cool Wave


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