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Bruce’s TIP OF THE WEEK #71 of 156
Service: knowing the right answer

THE IDEA for this TIP OF THE WEEK came as a result of a phone conversation I had with a pro shop employee at a private club.   When I asked about specific fees relating to a round of golf I was told, “I think so.”  and “I’m not exactly sure.”  

IN FAIRNESS to all of us it is not always easy knowing the right answer every time, regardless of years of service. In these cases it is best to say and do, “I am sorry I do not know but i will find out and get back to you as soon as I can.”  It can be a personal follow-up or have someone with more knowledge provide the answer.

ALTHOUGH the person I spoke with was very polite, I never did have my question answered. Interestingly, a week or so later a golfer asked me about the weather forecast.  Not having the computer on like I should have I wasn’t prepared to answer.  I was embarrased and felt hypocritical so I checked the radar and got back with the golfer who was already outside.  Getting a taste of my own medicine I can honestly say this lesson shared is a lesson learned. 

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