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Bruce’s TIP OF THE WEEK #68 of 156
Staff Training: being considerate and nice

THERE YOU ARE said the cart attendant when a friend and I finished our round just as it was getting dark.  Seemed like he felt we held him up by being the last ones off the course. I thought why could he not just ask how we enjoyed ourselves.  After all, we drove an hour and a half one way and it was my first time at this club. It was a special treat to be honest.

YES, I UNDERSTAND wanting to go home after a long hard day at work.  But I also understand that staff training includes the importance of being considerate and nice even when others might not be.  Truthfully, my friend and I were not trying to be rude or inconsiderate of the cart guy. We were just having a good time and had to work the next day as well.

INTERESTINGLY his attitude changed to one of gratitude and friendliness after I tipped him, said thanks and mentioned being sorry for keeping him late.  Well, you know, I could have done better myself at times.  If anything, it gave me an idea for this TIP OF THE WEEK.

considerate waiter


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