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Bruce’s TIP OF THE WEEK #63 of 156
Service: making one feel sincerely welcome

THIS SERVICE TIP sounds simple enough because for some it comes natural; yet not everyone has the same gift and personality when it comes to making one feel sincerely welcome.

SINCERITY IS honesty, caring and truthfulness combined with doing a good job because of wanting to rather than supposed to.  People can tell if the locker room manager or attendants mean what they say or if their “compliments” are said in an effort to secure a tip.  Fake sincerity is an oxymoron.

I HAVE MET a lot of employees when consutling at clubs who can be put in a separate category of the best in their field by the way they greeted me. With respect to each them; if a Best of the Best Award was given for making me feel sincerely welcome, it would go to Rick Roberts at Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge. He has what it takes and gives to others what he has. Congratulations, Mr. Roberts! 

best of the best

Rick Roberts



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