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Service: attendant is to be visible

I WALKED THROUGHOUT the entire men’s locker room one time without the attendant even knowing I was there. I saw him in the shoeshine room but he did not see me enter. Was it his fault for not paying attention or because of the location of the shoeshine room or buffing wheel? Perhaps an attendant is absent because of performing other duties in the clubhouse?  In some cases it could be all four.  Either way it shows that it can and does happen.  Maybe not a big deal if one of the “regulars” comes in; but what if it were guests wandering around looking for a locker?  Not the best way to make an initial service impression. Worse yet, what if it was someone not supposed to be in the clubhouse, like a thief. It has happened. Now I realize we can be so busy that a golfer might enter while we are picking up shoes, wiping off the sinks and making sure the amenities are in order.  This is especially true if understaffed.  The greeting counter should be located and the work area arranged so the attendant is visible whenever possible.  It is even OK to sit on a stool near the entrance when not doing shoes and then stand up when someone enters.  The main point is that the attendant is to be visible.

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