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Layout: “Who knows best?”

WOULD YOU take golf lessons from the tennis pro?  Or would you take tennis lessons from the golf pro?  I didn’t think so.  It is a matter of, “Who knows best?”  Why then should a golf or country club let someone who has no actual on the job experience as a golf locker room manager or attendant be the sole designer of the locker room layout? Afterwards then wonder why the locker room staff’s morale has decreased since the renovation; the shoe shine room is too small and in the wrong location; the showers lack privacy and are near the toilets; there is no shelf for amenities above the grooming sinks; the members are unhappy with the new space saving double stack lockers in which clothes wrinkle because they touch the inside bottom and when opening the inconvenient lower door it hits any shoes placed in front of it; etc....  Let the locker room staff work in harmony with the architect and interior designer.  It should be a team effort because as a Team Everyone Achieves More.

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Steve Chambliss
Inventor of the
Shoe Cubbie Locker!


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