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Staff Training: Robots or human beings?

SEEMS LIKE EVERY TIME I call a luxury hotel I hear the same thing, “How may I assist you?”  After a while it sounds robotic, lacks individual personality and the business becomes “cookie-cutter” rather than “one-of-a-kind” and unique. This can make one wonder whether the employees are robots or human beings?
NO DISRESPECT INTENDED but apparently the rating company thinks using the word “help” is a negative and that saying “assist” is not.  Really?!  Now I do believe it is imporant to use the member or guest name in a conversation.  Having to do so three times is a bit ridiculous and extreme. Oh, and the employee is also supposed to end their part of the interaction with, “Is there anything else I may do to further assist you?” Doesn’t sound natural or sincere to me.
HAVING BEEN PRIVILEGED to be employed for 12 years at The Greenbrier, I was quick to realize that guests like coming because of personal, sincere and caring service from employees with decades of experience who are like family to them.  This isn’t something that we were trained to be, It came natural from upbringing.  Training staff to talk like robots isn’t genuine at all. Sorry to say, it gives the impression of being phony.

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