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Bruce’s TIP OF THE WEEK #45 of 156
Amenities: heated Refreshment Towels

I REMEMBER years ago, when flying First Class, the flight attendant passed out heated damp soft terry cloth towels so I could wipe my face and be refreshed.  Quite a treat it was, as are the Refreshment Towels featured in this TIP OF THE WEEK.

FEATURING HEATED REFRESHMENT TOWELS at the club’s reception desk makes for a memorable first impression.  However, they are especially useful and appreciated as part of food service when serving items such as wings, barbeque ribs and fish. The towels come in different sizes and the club’s custom logo can also be imprinted on the packaging. They are availalbe in lemon, peach-mango, lavender, eucalyptus and unscented.

REFRESHMENT TOWELS are available from Body One Products, Duffy’s Tri-C Club Supply, Fore Supply and White Towel Services

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