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Staff Training: dealing with bad attitudes and habits

SORRY TO SAY but sometimes a “tenured” employee can develop a bad attitude of being irreplaceable (above management) because of so many years of service and having close relationships with the members.
EMPLOYEES CAN ALSO become set in their ways and pass these bad habits to their coworkers. Bad habits such as not being out in the open on the floor; not maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in the sink, shower and bathroom areas throughout the day (expecting Housekeeping to do it all); being more concerned about makng tips than providing the service which results in tips; not being proactive in picking up and returning shoes; not interested in new and better amenities, products and/or methods.

COMPOUNDING ALL THIS is a worker who after many decades of splendid service finds his or her “batting average” declining, yet doesn’t want to retire.    

HOW CAN EACH of these situations be handled properly?  I suggest annual or even quarterly reviews, a signed SOP agreement and personal respectful sincere talks. Regarding the one who doesn’t want to retire; I suggest mentioning that when they do the club will host a special retirement dinner party with all the members invited, provide a chauffeured limousine for them and their family, elevate them to emeritus status and suggest that they become a paid greeter and goodwill ambassador for special events.  Finally, let them know that with their permission the club would like to name the locker room after them, posting their photo at its main entrance.

IF NONE OF THIS WORKS, well, you’re the boss and have a boss, too.  It is why I say, “Explain and train so all remain.” because dealing with bad attitudes and habits is unfortunately necessary at times.



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