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Layout: grooming stations

LOCATED THROUGHOUT the locker room, grooming stations help keep the bathroom and shower sinks less crowded and conveniently save time and steps for the users.
AMENITIES CAN INCLUDE deodorant, hand lotion, tissue, blow dryer, combs, hair spray/gel/tonic, colognes/balms, eye glass wipes, Q-tips, lint roller, hand sanitizer, shoe bags, etc....  Items are placed on a shelf in front of a mirror or displayed on a counter. A counter top with separate drop holes for trash and soiled towels is handy and a lighted mirror is an upgrade.
SOME GROOMING STATIONS even have a sink with hot and cold water for washing one’s face, hands and shaving.

ACC GS before ACC-grooming-station05

Additional amenities (see left and right photos) anticipate needs and provide satisfaction.

     Blow dryers with retractable cords make for a neater looking display or the cord can be wrapped around the handle or top.


     Additional items to be added are hair gel, hand lotion and tissue.  A drop hole will be drilled in the counter with a small trash can on the inside top storage shelf.

lighted mirror
counter top drop holes

     Plenty of room for items on counter plus separate drop holes for trash and towels.  A mirror, electrical outlets and shelfs need to be added.


     Don’t forget a trash can.


     An improvement would be an amenity shelf on the lower part of the mirror.

G S 202
GS with sink

     A sink on the right side grooming station would exceed expectations.

G S 302
G S 102

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