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Staff Training: annual locker cleaning

I DO NOT KNOW if an annual locker cleaning is the norm at most clubs or not but I did so at Butler National. The outside of the wood lockers were waxed and polished. Also, the insides were wiped clean, items neatly arranged, clothes folded and excess hangers were removed. Locker tops were dusted regularly throughout the year. Good advice is if not sure if something should be discarded, then stop and do not.

THIS WOULD ALSO be a good time to attach convenient wood or plastic storage trays on the inside of each door for coins, saved score cards, tees, ball markers, loose golf balls and such. Empty golf ball boxes placed on an inside shelf can also be used for small items.  Nothing like starting out the new season with a “fresh” start.

spring cleaning
stop and think
open lockers02


Items need to be neatly arranged.


lot of shoes in locker02

     Clubs can offer members more than one locker to rent if available and desired, even if to be used when having guests.

storage tray

     Additional storage trays can be added on the inside of the door.



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