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Layout: plaid carpet makes space appear larger

IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO GET NEW CARPET for the men’s and/or women’s locker room, please keep in mind that plaid carpet makes space appear larger. Choosing the correct mixture of colors will help blend and contrast with the lockers, benches and trim. This was dramatically seen when Cog Hill (IL) redid the men’s locker room for the 1993 Western Open. One other idea is to use vinyl flooing in the main walkways and carpeting by the lockers, as shown in the last two photos below of Mayfield CC (OH).  This will reduce signs of wear on the carpet and the separation by the two materials also makes space appear larger.

Cog Hil LR entrance03

Cog Hill Golf and Country Club (IL)

Cog Hill03
plaid 9 plaid 10
plaid 6


plaid 1 plaid 3
plaid 11


plaid 14 plaid 1302
Mayfield 2


Mayfield Country Club (OH)

Mayfield 1


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