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Amenities: cloth and/or paper hand towels

I REMEMBER BEING IMPRESSED when seeing cloth hand towels by the sinks at a private country club for the first time. It is a nice amenity for sure. Unfortunately, some clubs use paper hand towels only, which are not user friendly when drying one’s face.  Other clubs prefer only cloth hand towels, perhaps thinking paper cheapens the image of the club.  One club I know of can go through 500 of the cloth finger tip towels a day when busy, putting a burden on the locker room staff because of being responsible for folding them.  Personally, I think it is OK to have both a quality paper towel along with a quality cloth hand towel, which reduces usage for both types. However, an advantage of using one or the other only is that it avoids mixing the two together in the disposal can.  Yet, even when separate cans for cloth, paper and trash are provided, the members and guests do not always pay attention.  Whether the choice is cloth and/or paper hand towels, that decision is up to each club.

TFGCdualshelf02 cloth side wall
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cloth and paper
paper only in holders02
paper by drop hole Cintas_1
BMCC all within reach HCC cloth only

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