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Service: returning shoes to the locker

A MEMBER OR GUEST should not have to walk up to the shoe shine room and ask the attendant for their street or golf shoes.  Proper service includes returning shoes to the locker whether placed inside, in front on the floor or on top. However, should they request that the shoes be left on the counter because they prefer to get them, then proper service is to honor the request. In this case, returning shoes to the locker would be bad service.

IN CERTAIN SITUATIONS an attendant might decide not to return shoes to the locker, thinking this face-to-face interaction will result in a better chance for a tip.  Truthfully, the opposite can happen by causing the member or guest to become disgruntled.

THERE ARE TIMES when shoes are not identified.  If so, it is better to keep them, rather than possibly place the shoes in the wrong locker.  This way the right person will get them eventully, along with an apology if necessary. The worse thing an attendant can hear is, “I can’t find my shoes.”  

shoes on top


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