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Service: Evident by the number of shoes done?

I AM ALWAYS bewildered when a locker room attendant tells me how few street shoes they do each day during the regular season.  Based on my locker room experience, it is hard to believe when I am told, “Oh, maybe about six to ten pairs a day or so.”

IF THERE WERE 100 golfers on the tee sheet at Butler National Golf Club, we expected to do all the street shoes and golf shoes. In this example, a total of 200 pairs. I understand that a member or guest might say not to do their shoes. If so, doing them would be bad service. However, when I hear these low totals I sometimes wonder if the service provided, or lack of, is evident by the number of shoes done?

SHOE CLEANING AND POLISHING is a mainstay at private golf and country clubs.  Every member and guest needs to at least be offered the service, whether tipping is allowed or not.

8 pairs


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