Shower Amenities
“In each shower or on a common shelf.”


   Putting the locker fee to good use!

__ Pump bottle unit for body wash, shampoo and conditioner (each different color)
__ individual bottles of quality name brand body wash, shampoo and conditioner.
__ 3 in 1 name brands such as American Crew and Jack Black.
__ Washcloths.     __  Loofahs.    __ Disposable shower caps for the ladies.
__ Individual packaged single use bars of soap.    __ Towels.     __ Deodorant.
__ Rubbing alcohol (clear and/or menthol green + blue) in clear spray pump bottles.
__ Foot deodorant spray.
Sprays are less messy than loose powder.
__ Athletes foot spray.    __ Jock itch spray.    __ Vaseline in tube.
__ Talcum powder. 
The less the better or not displayed at all.     __ Body lotion.  
__ Anti-itch cream in tube.    __ Slippers (paper, rubber or cloth).    __ Robes.


CCC 3 in 1 full view SHCC shwr items02
CCC after shower
after shower amenities02