Cleaning Buckskin and Suede Shoes
“Do so after each wear.”

Cleaning Buckskin Shoes
Bucks can be gently washed with mild soap and water or a non-harsh cleaner. Do not use a scrub brush as this will cause the nap to loosen up after drying. A wash cloth will work just fine. Once washed the buck skin shoes can be placed in the shoe drying closet/cabinet for anywhere from two to three hours or until completely dry. Afterwards, use a clean or a new suede brush or golf spike cleaner brush and gently brush the nap in the same direction to give a smooth appearance once again. Ideally, when the shoes are new, the owner can and should use the simple little eraser kit provided to remove everyday marks.  This will prolong the new look of the shoes and keep them from having numerous unsightly scuffs.


How to Clean Suede Shoes by the Hanger Project

Buckskin Care Kit
Saphir suede cleaner