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Bruce’s TIP OF THE WEEK #58
Layout: lockers

CONTINUING education credit could be earned studying the subject of lockers but here is a brief summary. A huge locker room is not necessary to have enough lockers if the club is willing to offer different sizes at different annual fees. There can be locker coves with double wide tall so two pairs of golf shoes will fit side by side, single wide tall and multi stack with community closets. I do not recommend double stack unless they are the “uneven” type. If you have unused double stack attach them together and rent them as one locker. There needs to be at least 40” or more of inside height from the clothes bar to the bottom to prevent wrinkling of items. If metal lockers are still in good condition some clubs have repainted them.

OTHER important design features to consider include adjustable shelfs; doors on corner lockers that open towards the corner; hat hooks not in the way of the clothes bar; small mirror; towel bar; item tray attached to inside of the door; offset clothes bars; proper airflow; locking security box or safe; phone chargers; inside lighting; cedar lined; locker knobs with flat fronts having the first and last initial of the member engraved; personalization; pre-drilled for name plates if using screws (two way tape preferred); minimum 6” of height from the floor to the bottom of the door so it doesn’t hit any shoes left out on the floor; flat tops without decorative moulding to allow for additional storage; hooks on end panels for temporary hanging of suits; conveniently located towel storage and drop holes as part of the overall design; a space saving shoe cubbie locker as part of a guest only locker cove (near the shoe room/greeting counter) used mostly when guests only have a pair of street shoes to store.

DON’T be talked into purchasing something the members won’t be satisfied with just because the new wood lockers look nice.  They need to be functional, so request display samples for the members to review.   After all, the club is paying the bill and you as the GM and LRM will have to deal with any complaints afterwards.

MY personal choice for wood lockers is Treeforms.  I’ve talked with the owner and her assistant a number of times. They are honest, have integrity and make a quality product.

IT is not so much the size of the locker room that might limit your choices but more so your imagination, budget and who you decide to listen to. For more information, along with additional photos of locker styles, go to Lockers.     

air-flow-lockers03 locker-hooks03
drilled holes locker-height-from-floor03 pull out drawer03
lock box bottom left lock box bottom top lock box lock box metal
Suite-and-tape-measure03 40-inches04 corner-lockers03
MHCC-open-locker04 simple full
lilght_and_charger cedar lined02
two into one
Club Champion02 hook on end panel initialized knob
flat top GCC-day-lockers04 locker mirror
locker_towels_with_drop_hole02 towels_locker_aisle02 ShoeLocker04