Shoe Shining Skills
Those arent my shoes.

Generally speaking, the less polish the better.

1. Not sure what to do? Do not do anything to avoid messing-up or ruining a pair of shoes.
  2. Shoes need to be clean and dry before polishing.
  3. Creams work better on soft leather as paste can change the texture of the leather.
  4. Use a neutral cream around colored stitching.
  5. There are many colors to choose from when using shoe creams or paste polishes.
  6. Wax paste polish provides a better shine but stain paste polish adds more color.
  7. Do not put polish on the shoe laces or on any buckles.
  8. Buckles can be cleaned with alcohol but keep it off the leather or other materials. 
  9. Replace shoe laces when needed without being asked.
10. Use Allen Edmonds matching color Premium Shoe Polish on Allen Edmonds shoes.
11. Do not use tan or neutral paste on light colored leather to keep from leaving a greasy mark.
12. Be careful not to burn the leather when using a buffing machine with a high RPM motor.
13. Polish daubers and buffing wheels need to be cleaned daily.
14. Leather cleaners and conditioners will remove polish buildup.
15. Sometimes a quick buff by machine or hand is sufficient without applying more polish.
16. You can use your finger tip to apply polish to do touchups.
17. Use correct cleaners and polishes on exotic and reptile skins. If not sure ask the member or guest first. Be honest if uncertain whether to do or not.
18. Familiarize yourself with the many products available.
19. Practice on giveaway or throwaway shoes.
20. View the links below.
21. Call or text me at 304-536-9029 or email with questions (no charge).
22. Be safety and health conscious including wearing safety glasses when using a machine buffer and work gloves when placing your hands inside the shoes.

Mirror Finish Shine on Black Street or Golf Shoes
James Sharp
Featuring the walk-in shoe drying and warming closet at
The Greenbrier!

Kirby Allison

For the best prices on Saphir* shoe care products, shop:
Duffys Tri-Club Supply

*I do not have much experience using Saphir produdcts so therefore cannot say either way. Have always been satisfied with Angelus, Kiwi and Lincoln.


Shoegazing Guide
Jesper Ingevaldsson

how to shine shoes

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     Cannot polish shoes when they are dirty and cannot polish shoes after being washed because they are wet.  Here is a solution:


QuikDry by Cres Cor Sport
available from
Duffys Tri-C Club Supply



shoe shine machine02

Shoe Polishing Machine
available from
Duffys Tri-C Club Supply

     Includes 3 horse hair brushes and one nylon welt cleaning brush. Brushes can be changed to suit your needs (this may change the price). Right and left ends of shaft allow for an adapter for an additional brush, which will extend out wider than the machine itself. Dimensions fully assembled: Width: 23.75” x Depth: 18.75” x Height: 15” Shaft diameter: 1 5/16” Voltage: 110/115 volts standard 3 prong plug Motor: 1/3 HP single phase Brush speed: 1150 rpm Stand sold separately.



Add a florescent light
for better visibility!

adaptor shaft

Adaptor Shaft
for additional wheel




     Add a key lock to your shoe buffer machine for safety and security. After-market installation by your maintenance man. Key lock available from Tractor Supply



     I scrape out enough saddle soap to cover the bottom of the white bucket and then add hot water to make a soapy mixture for cleaning leather street and leather golf shoes. This works better than chemical sprays because it not only cleans but conditions the leather as well.
     Although we have a buffer machine; I also use individual horsehair brushes for each specific shade to assure consistent matching of colors.

Fernando Garza - Locker Room Manager
Conway Farms Golf Club


     Placing a bar of soap in a bowl and using a small scrub brush is another cleaning option for golf shoes.




Allen Edmonds
Shoe Polish

     Using these matching colors is an impressive service for those members who purchase these expensive shoes.



     Eliminates paste polish buildup, provides a natural looking shine and doesnt stain colored stitching on street or golf shoes.


Yarn Mop
Final Buffing Wheel


     By using a spray water bottle the results can be as good or better when compared to hand buffing with a slightly damp soft terry cloth towel.



Angelus Shoe Polish Company

Lincoln Shoe Care Products (13 colors)

Leather Cowboy Boots

Stelzig Ranch02

Recommended by
Stelzig Ranch
for leather cowboy boots.

Bick 5



Reptile/Exotic Cleaners/Polishes


Angelus-Reptile-Cleaner02 Angelus-Exotic-Reptile reptile-cleaner



Allen Edmonds 800-235-2348

Angelus Shoe Polish Company 562-941-4242

BodyOne Products 708-544-8800 x101

Crystal Tex Shoehorns 800-223-4676

Duffys - Tri-C Club Supply 800-274-8742

Fiebings 800-558-1033

Fore Supply Co. 800-543-5430

Kiss Off Stain Remover 650-369-4889

LaRossa Shoe Repair 781-335-9631

Lincoln Shoe Polish Co. 408-732-5120

Long Handle Shoe Horn 800-492-6500

SAS San Antonio Shoemakers (cream and liquid shoe polish) 877-727-7463

Shoe Care Supplies 866-563-7463

Shoe Shine Express 912-654-9596

Shoe Shine Kit 860-669-4281