Sink Area Layout and Setup
“All within reach or just one of each.”
The less on the counter the better.  An ideal setup would include faucet handles directly over the sinks; an amenity shelf extending the length of the counter, then 90 degree angled on both sides with recessed shelfs in the left and right side walls (if so constructed) plus in the area between separate mirrors for each sink; under counter sinks to help prevent puddles of water and separate drop holes in the counter (one to the left and right of each sink) with engraved small plastic signs or engraved into the counter with either “cloth towels” or “trash” (for paper towels and razor blades).  Direct wire wall mounted blow dryers save space.  Small flatscreen TVs add a wow factor.

“All within reach” eliminates the need for reaching.


       The mouthwash pump is located directly in front of the drop hole for “trash” to help reduce splashing on the counter. Larger size cups also prevent splashing of the mouthwash.




“Just one of each” reduces stolen items and a possible cluttered look.

     Consideration can be give to a small sign saying, “Amenities are available for home use and can be charged to your account for your convenience.”



     Clever and unique two tier amenity shelf at Sunset Ridge CC with large drop hole in counter below shower towels.



     Cloth towel storage the width of counter with amenity shelf above at The Foundry Golf Club in Richmond, VA.




Shelf over sink provides needed space for amenities.



Unique setup using custom logo dispensers from Ready Care.





Sometimes less can be more as with “just one of each.”



Amenities and their arrangements vary from club to club.


     To help eliminate “disappearing” amenities consider having only one jar for each item such as razor blades, combs, toothbrushes, band aids and eye glasses cleaners.  Removing caps also helps!


sink dimensions02


     Counter space in front and behind sink is just the right dimensions for ease of reach, shaving and combing hair. A shelf can be added.


     Unique design with the middle of three sinks shown plus there is a shelf above for amenities and cloth towels.



     Recessed shelfs eliminate water from splashing on amenities formerly placed on the counter and make cleaning easier and faster.



     An additional after shower grooming set-up on the right with additional amenities on the left.




Used cloth and paper towels drop into receptacles under counter top.


A pull-out drawer is another consideration.



     Quality C-fold paper towels are placed on a shelf above each sink and terry cloth face/hand towels are close by. This helps avoid needless usage of the cloth towels; saving money, time and work.



     Cloth face/hand towels are located close enough below the counter; yet not so close as to be a “temptation” for wasteful usage.



     Hand towels in recessed wall unit.


     Shelfs on left and right of sinks make it easier to wipe off the vanity as do wall mounted Kleenex dispensers.


Convenience Drop


BGCC-glass-block BGCC-colognes02

A clever way to display amenities when a shelf is not available!



faucets over sink02

     Facuet handles directly over the sink allow for excess water on hands to drip directly into sink rather than on the counter.


     Kleenex dispensers can also be located inside the wall or inside the space below the amenity shelf.




Amenities for hair grooming on the left and shaving on the right.

extended sink shelf


Extending amenity shelf along side walls allows for less items on the counter.

wrap around shelf




Additional counter space in the bathrooms make the sink area less crowded.