Shower Layout 


     Light green tinted frosted glass shower doors with etched club logo add a touch of class and provide privacy. The frosted glass hides water marks, too.







WCshowerdoors GCC-shower

Shower door styles are a matter of personal preference.




 Windows in shower area add a soothing fresh breeze and natural light.


     Walk-in Swiss Shower with 18 shower heads including an overhead rain deluge provides the ultimate shower massage experience with just over 100 gallons of water per minute compared to the normal 2.5-5 gpm.


SRCC-swinging-wooden-shower03 SRCC-shower05 SRCC-shower-drying-area03

     The swinging door allows for privacy, ventilation plus water does not drip on floor. The shower area is to the left and the drying area is to the right.  (courtesy of Sunset Ridge CC)




Drain directly below the shower head is more comfortable on the feet. 

Making a good thing even better!


     Items seen will be moved to an identical lower shelf. Single use bars of soap and washcloths will then be added on top shelf shown.  A paper slipper dispenser will be above the towels and a plastic trash can below. 
     Powders will be minimized with preference given to spray cans to help reduce the amount of powder left and tracked on the floor.  Body lotion, medicated green alcohol and other
shower amenities will be added. 
     Each drying area is set-up the same with amenities in the exact same order for a consistent and neat look.


     Bars of soap plus bodywash satisfies all.


     A corner shelf provides a place for a bar of soap and a washcloth which is also useful for when using bodywash.



Recessed shelf provides room for shower amenities.



Dispenser unit plus recessed shelf allows for extra items.


Shelf the width of shower stall provides ample room for amenities.



AlleghenyCCtowelcabinet CGC-towel-cabinet02

     Cabinets have enough shelves for towels, openings in counter tops to drop soiled towels in containers below and space for amenities.


     A thick glass top was added to this nice wooden towel drop cabinet to prevent deterioration.


     Soiled towels are dropped into poly cart on wheels which is efficient and more sanitary.


     Space saving corner cabinet. Add shelfs above!


Units can be purchased from manufacturers, custom made at a local cabinet shop or in-house.


Arete Industries


Prestwick Golf Group


ULGC-towel-drop ULGC-rolled-vs-folded


     Folded towels are neater looking, take less space and save labor time.



     Towel drop goes to cart on wheels in basement laundry area.

Royal Basket poly tub02 Royal Basket vinyl canvas
Royal Basket canvas vinyl02

Royal Basket Trucks available from Tri-C Club Supply - Duffy’s


Brute with lid

32 gallon container
with lid

Brute Dolly

dolly for 32 gallon containers

Brute Dolly quiet

quiet dolly
for containers

Brute container with Dolly

on dolly


     Soiled towels are dropped into a container on a dolly below the opening in the counter. Attendant doesn’t have to touch soiled towels. Towels are wheeled to laundry area for washing and drying.  A time saving sanitary solution. 
     Products available from
Rubbermaid, industrial supply companies and local home improvement centers.




For wet areas or even to cover a worn looking wooden sauna floor!

Dri-Dek colors02

available from
Dri-Dek     Duffy’s     Fore Supply