Onsite Locker Room Evaluations
covering 32 areas including
Staff Training

“For a better locker room!”TM


Locker Room

  1. Entrance

  2. Features Checklist (125+ ideas)

  3. Lockers

  4. Grooming Stations

  5. Custom Floor Plans

  6. Locker SuiteTM


  7. Public Restrooms

  8. Water Closets

Shoe Room

  9. Shoe Room Floor Plan with Heated Shoe Drying Closet

10. Loaner Golf Shoes

11. Loaner Shirts

12. Shoehorns

13. Supply List


14. Showerheads

15. Shower Layout

16. Pump Bottle Dispensers, Brackets and Holders

17. Shower Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner plus Body Lotion, Hand Wash, Hand Lotion and Bars of Soap

18. Heated Bath Towels and Heated Robes

19. Shower Amenities

20. Shower SuiteTM

Sink Area

21. Sink Area Layout and Setup

22. Sink Amenities

23. Chilled and Scented Damp Face Towels

Staff Motivation

24. Staff Motivation

Staff Training

25. Areas Covered

26. Standard Operating Procedure Agreement

27. Shoe Shining Skills

28. Cleaning Buckskin and Suede Shoes

29. Fixing Spinning Spikes plus New Soles

30. Recrafting of Allen Edmonds Street Shoes

31. Suppliers

Welcome Gifts

32. Welcome Gifts for Guests


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